august 2008
Photographer Mike Microulis has an image reproduced in Communication Arts Magazine 2008 Photography Annual

april 2008
Art in America reviews Barbara Hashimoto's "Junk Mail Project."

february 2008
Barbara Hashimoto has a retrospective of her artwork at Dubhe Carreno Gallery in Chicago, IL.  
The show is reviewed in the Chicago Tribune.

october 2006
Painter Hilary Taub is featured in the September/October issue of Western Interiors Magazine.
Commissioned by Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler for Eastern Columbia Lofts in downtown Los Angeles, Hilary's acrylic on canvas nude exemplifies her unique gestural style.

september 2006
Artist Diana Jacobs has a Fiber etching featured in House & Garden Magazine, in a home designed by Kelly Wearstler for entertainment executive, Stacy Snider.

august 2006
cerarts photographer Mike Microulis has an image from a personal project reproduced in Communication Arts Magazine 2006 Photography Annual

sm june 2006

Artist Scott Morgan exhibits work from his recent series, The Pilgrim Suite, at The Museum of the Southwest, Midland Texas

The Pilgrim Suite is a series of photographs documenting the artist at the literal landfall edge of the four great oceans; the Arctic, the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian. The project is a poetic and literal document of the artist's journey to the ends the earth, to stand at the edge of the world.

The artist is a small central figure in a vast intersection of land and sea. The pieces were conceived as triptychs with the individual panels not matching exactly, creating a sense of time witnessed, increasing the isolation and silence at the center of each the work. 

april 2006
cerarts is pleased to announce the publication of Jane Sheridan's work as featured in best-selling author and Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler's exquisite book, "Domicilium Decoratus."